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Applying for mortgage after Ch7

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Applying for mortgage after Ch7

Has anyone recently applied for mortgage after Chapter 7 discharged and is willing to share experience? We are about to close on the sale of our home. We are going to be renting (winter rental) for now. Hoping the market will balance itself out comes spring. Don't want to sell high and buy high. Our 2 year discharge anniversary will be in February and we want to be prepared. Any word of advice would be greatly appreciated! 


Also, if anyone can recommend bankruptcy friendly FHA lender that would be great! Smiley Happy

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Re: Applying for mortgage after Ch7

The process is pretty easy. I don't think we're allowed to give specific lender recommendations, etc on here, but a simple google search should find you quite a few.


I will say this. Don't let the BK make you think you can't get the best terms. It will VERY likely be FHA, but still get the best terms and by that I mean low fees on behalf of the loan officer/mortgage banker, etc and competitive rates. 


Typically, to qualify for FHA, you need to have either reestablished in a sufficient manner or completely avoided credit since filing. If you had any accounts like a reaffirmined mortgage, car loan, student loan, etc that were "carried" thru and paid well since filing, it would be of great help.


As a reference point, I just closed on an FHA loan a little over 2 years post CH7 and had fees of approximately $2,000 (other than prepaids, etc) in addition to a rate of 3.25% on a 30 year note. The same program I did now has a rate of 3.000%


Best of luck and ask away (tag me or others for specific questions) should you need any more help or insight.

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