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Apps post Ch13 discharge

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Apps post Ch13 discharge

Recently discharged chpt 13 in early March 2017.  My scores were low immediately post 595 and the hubs 650.  We gross $250k annually combined, no debt.


Both approved for Cap One QS1 $300 (me); $1,000 (him) a few days post discharge, both on steps program.


Financed a pre-owned car 2 wks thru Cap One auto pre-qualify @ $40k (3.9%) super easy process!  


Scores up to 656 (me) & 722 (hubs) 1 month post DC - thru Capone credit wise 


Was on the phone with Total Rewards for an upcoming trip in mid April and they offered me pre Approved Total Rewards Visa on phone, accepted with $1500 SL (SP, they didn't ask for social).  Hubs tried to cold app & denied!


Have tried every pre-qualifier and none gave results.  Last Friday (2 mo post discharge) Discover didn't say no cards matched, but did show "how does your card stack up" message, which was new.  Decided to cold app.  Upon end, asked to call number but chat message popped up instead.  Answered a couple questions (income & related) & was approved for $800 SL (IIB)Hubs tried the same & was declined with no chat option. 


Have tried to app both for a 2nd Cap One, both declined & US Bank also declined.  


last night I was approved for $8,000 SCT thru Overstock.  Ive had almost all the SCT offers pop up, but haven't taken any until now.  Took this one to bump my avail credit.  Bummed because the Sportsman guide popped up for hubs the very first time a week ago, and he closed out.  Can't get it to pop up again.


We we are looking too to rebuild credit with 3-4 cards each so we can buy a house in 2 years (have a DIL on record so have to wait).  Our income is high with almost no debt (just car loan) & PIF each mo after low util posts.  


I guess we need to garden and let the CL's grow unless anyone has suggestions for hubs to get one more card.  


Happy to report, There is life post bk!








RBFCU Premier $25K, Sam’s Club MC $25K, Citi Exec WEMC $34K, Alliant Signature $20K, SSFCU $20K, Cap1 Venture $20K, Employer CU LOC $20K, Navy GoRewards $18K, 2nd NFCU Plat $14.7K, Citi Simplicity $18.2K, PenFed Power Cash $10K, PenFed PLOC $10k, Navy Platinum $12.7K, SMG $10K, PenFed Promise $12K, Total Rewards $8.5K, Discover It $2.5K, Discover It $2K, Cap One QS1 $850, Overstock $32K
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Re: Apps post Ch13 discharge


Congratz on completing your Ch 13!


Here are some threads which you can consider reading.


First read the initial post of "Scupra's" Bankruptcy Friendly Credit Cards, last edited 02/13/2017 as it includes critical information on cards from most vendors.


Best Wishes!!!



Bankruptcy Friendly Credit Cards


HOW TO: From BK7 discharge to 700 in 24 months or less!


The Best (and Worst) Secured Credit Cards according to Beverly Harzog' opinion


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05/03/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 546, TU 501, EX 548
09/01/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 662, TU 628, EX 657
10/04/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 692, TU 665, EX 686
01/15/17 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 706, TU 670, EX 687 * all Yellow / Good
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