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Are CC statements reviewed by trustees or attorneys?

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Are CC statements reviewed by trustees or attorneys?

I was reading the BK7 guide and it suggested to stop using CCs 90 days before filing. When filing, do we we need to provide CC statements to the trustee? I can't find that mentioned anyhwere, so I'm not sure. Do attorneys review them? I know bank statements are reviewed up to 6 months in the past. But what about credit card statements? I'm asking because Christmas just passed, and we have 3 children, so I'm wondering if gift purchases will be scrutinized. If they see a bunch of purchases from amazon on our statements, is that going to look bad? I told my wife to use are credit cards, instead of our checking account debit card because I knew they looked at bank statements, but I'm not sure about CC statements. 

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Re: Are CC statements reviewed by trustees or attorneys?

The trustee won't ask to see the statements initially. What can happen is when the credit card companies receive notice of you filing they can object the discharge based on a few categories such as:


a) Large cash advances within 90 days of filing 

b) luxurious purchases made within 90 days of filing totaling more than $700.00

c) they can claim you knew you were filing and consider these purchases as bankruptcy fraud.


Hopefully it'll blow over but if the purchases were extreme I'd consider waiting until the end of March to file. 

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