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Are there cheaper ways to get credit reports/ credit monitoring?


Are there cheaper ways to get credit reports/ credit monitoring?

Hello forum!


I was wondering if anyone found bargain ways to get credit reports. My husband and I filed jointly, therefore, there are two credit reports to be obtained. I would rather put $60-80 into savings every month than pay for subscription. I am not trying to look like a cheapskate just looking for more affordable ways to get these reports.

Tomorrow is the discharge day and I am getting ready to start the rebuild. Nervous and excited!


Thank you!

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Re: Are there cheaper ways to get credit reports/ credit monitoring?

1. Credit Karma (Vantage Score for Trans & Equifax....not Fico) is a wonderful tool to keep up with daily monitoring.  I use it to see when my TL report, date of last pymt, all kinds of stuff.  CK is called Fako round here cuz it's not the score that really matters, but it gives you a nice gauge to go by.  

2. Experian (Fico 8 and some other Fico's included periodically) is great for gauging your TL, lates, derogs as well.  It's free also.

3. Nerdwallet,, Credit Sesame, Wallethub, Creditwise ( are all free as well. Again, fako (vantage 3- not Fico) They are either/or Trans/Equifax

4. Discover has a free Experian fico as well for the non-customer. (

5. Some of your new TL will offer up a score as well.

6. Trustedid (Equifax)  I still get it for free, daily 1b report with soft inquires.

7. And of course, the once a year for all 3 bureaus without the score BUT you can see the soft inquires, which is helpful. 

If you get declined you get a free report from them as well for that particular creditor (they'll let you know who to pull).


The 4 that give me the most info. regularly are Experian, Credit Karma, Wallethub and tah-dah MyFico ($). If you do decide to drop a coin, MyFico gives the most thorough report, imo.   Between all of them your eyes will cross.

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