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Assumption of Possible Discharge Date


Assumption of Possible Discharge Date

I am glad to say that I filed pro-se on 09/26/2016 and everything seems to be running its course. I have already obtained the date of my 341 meeting and anticipating to that  actual day. I do not want to get ahead of my self but I have a question based on assumption. There is a document that Creditors have until 1/3/17 to file ( Objection to Discharge) do I assume that my discharge will not occur sooner than the date listed above. Hoping for the best.... I need to have a second chance at Credit.

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Re: Assumption of Possible Discharge Date

Creditors have 60 days from your 341 meeting to file either a Complaint under certain provisions of 11 USC 523 - asking that the discharge be denied in some way OR to seek an extension of the deadline to file such a Complaint.  If no one files anything by that date your discharge will automatically be entered by the Clerk of the Court - assuming you have filed the Certificate that you completed the 2nd class - Debtor Education/Financial Management course.



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