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Authorized User After BK7

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Authorized User After BK7


My Chapter 7 bk was discharged in June of this year. I kept one small credit card to rebuild; have an installment loan that is 3 months being paid on time. I received a Capital One credit Card with a small limit and its been paid before due date with 1% UT.
My really good Friend just added me at an AU to her Discover Card that’s 5 years old, never late, PIF every month and has an $11,00 CL. Can anyone make any suggestions on how that looks according to my credit or any additional credit going forward. Most of my BK was medical. I’ve never had bad cc debt in the past. I’ve seen where some were able to get cc’s with a decent limit being a AU. Just wanted to know if anyone knew. Thanks in advance ☺️

Re: Authorized User After BK7

It’s the same as any positive trade line to your helps. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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