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Auto Loan not being reported after bankruptcy

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Auto Loan not being reported after bankruptcy

So I got an auto loan 4 years ago with wells fargo. They approved the loan under my mother and me as the cosigner because I did not have any credit at the time. I make all the payments, etc. About 2 and 1/2 years ago my mother filed bankruptcy but reaffirmed my car loan because it is my car and I wanted to keep it. After that my loan was picked up my wells fargo dealer services. Since then my car has not been reported to any of the credit bureaus. The only thing that shows is the original loan through wells fargo, it shows closed. I have filed disputes with all of the credit bureaus and they all come back saying there is no error. About 6 months ago I unfortunately filed bankruptcy but my car was not included in it because I'm considered just the cosigner. But I need the car to be reported so I can build credit. I have never been late or anything. Wells fargo dealer services does not give me any answers about this. Do they have to report it? How can I get them to report it?

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Re: Auto Loan not being reported after bankruptcy

No they don't have to report it and you probably can't talk them into it.  All they know is they can get in trouble by reporting anything under a bk.

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