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Auto loan says IIB from 2017

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Auto loan says IIB from 2017

An old auto loan states it was IIB from feb 2017 and shows a charge off from feb 2017. I was never late on any payments and this auto loan was NOT included in the schedule F. 

im just realizing now that there may have been an error. As a matter of fact, I sold this car and paid off the loan in February 2019. With no late payments what do ever on this loan. 

is there a way to fix this derog reporting? 



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Re: Auto loan says IIB from 2017

If you didn't actually reaffirm the loan via a written reaffirmation agreement they are reporting correctly

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Re: Auto loan says IIB from 2017

@MDG099, I'm in the same boat, my wife's car has shown up on my credit reports as IIB; the loan was never paid late, and was ultimately paid in full, and yet it is showing IIB.  What will be interesting to see whether is stays on my reports until the "Until July 2023" shown on my credit reports, or if it falls off this January when my Chapter 13 falls off.

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