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Auto loan w/recently discharged bk

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Auto loan w/recently discharged bk

I have been trying for the past 2 days to buy a car.  The dealerships are saying that my equifax score is 584, but when I pull my FAKO score it is 634 and my FICO is 602.  A local bank pulled my credit and said that it was 599.  That's a big discrepency isn't it?  Where should I go?  I got approved by capital one for a franchise dealership loan at 12.45%, but the car I want is at an independently owned dealership.  That rate is still higher than I feel is acceptable.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Auto loan w/recently discharged bk

My first out of BK was financed through Regional Acceptance. I'm not sure what type of car you're trying to by but call your sales rep back and ask their finance deptartment if they can put you through to Reg:
They are bk friendly!
After that I traded in my car and got it refinanced through affiliated with Traid financial.
This would be my first choice though...
If they approve you they will send a check to your dealership of choice and finance you direct. Depending on your interest rates if you make 6 ontime payments they will refiance you again to a lower interest rate. They are also BK friendly...
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