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BANKS / CUs / Brokerages that are Liberal with Credit Post BK?

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BANKS / CUs / Brokerages that are Liberal with Credit Post BK?

Anyone have any advice? 


I'd like to put my money some place where it helps me with my credit. I have accounts for checking, business checking, brokerage, and IRA - but none of those institutions have given me any credit. 


Are there places where I can leverage this? I'm with WF right now and located in California. 



Brokerage/IRA: Schwab no longer offers credit

Personal Checking/Savings: Wells Fargo (Secured Card)

Business Checking/Savings: Wells Fargo (no credit)


Thanks for the help. 

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Re: BANKS / CUs / Brokerages that are Liberal with Credit Post BK?

IMO, your Bk is distant enough where you should be doing better credit wise. How long have you had your WF secured? I hope its been at least 6 months. 


I would suggest the following. 


1. App for a capital product. I'd say cash rewards, at worst platinum. It will be tripple pull but I sincerely don't see how you dont get approved. 

2. Consider Barclays. If you have had close to 6 months history with your WF card, go for the Apple, Priceline or NFL cards. I personally like the NL card, but I've seen higher approvals with the priceline. (If not instant approval, recon immediately)


3. Shopping cart trick-easy way to boost available credit without HPs. 


4. CreditOne and Fingerhut: I would hessitate to add these. These would have been great at 1-2 months post-BK, but I think you are beyond them at this point. 


5. Once 1 and 2 above have aged about 6 months, you could reach for a discover product. 

6. If you have any military affiiation or family member affiliation, join Navy Federal. 


Steps 1 and 2 are immediate. I can't think of any reasons to be denied if youve been clean since BK and already have WF secured. Good luck and let us know how things go. 

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