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BK 13 -- very confused

New Contributor

BK 13 -- very confused

Hello --


I filed for Chapter 13 in 04/12. It was discharged 04/17. Right now I am starting to look at the landscape and have been pouring over my CRs from any agency I can get one from...I know it will be a slow process, but I'm patient and willing to do it right.


I know all score reports are calcluated differently and that FICO is the gold standard. However, here's where I am confused... why is there such a huge discrepancy between agencies.


FICO = EX 622 / TU 594 / EQ 637

CKarma = EQ 697 / TU 666

Equifax = EX 732 / TU 714 / EQ 712

TU = TU 666


If one looks at my 3 scores from EQ, you'd think things were great -- two scores are good, one very good.


For the most part, my information is the same across all three reports.


I do have a mortgage and it's current and in good standing. It's been sold/transferred twice while in BK. BofA >> Rushmore Loan Management >> Shellpoint (I'd like to refinance it to a lower rate now. My lawyer would not allow it in BK.)


Credit Karma seems to think I could apply for an AMEX Blue Cash Everyday (Good), AMEX Everyday (Good), CapOne Quicksilver (Very Good), CapOne Venture One (Very Good). Even the AMEX Gold with a $500 annual fee shows "Good" chance at approval.


What I really want is to qualify for and be approved for a Hilton Honors AMEX. I spend a ton of $$ at Hlton each year and I'm a Diamond member. However, it's all spent on my corporate PCard. :-)


I'm not in a hurry to appy for anything. Just confused by the scores.


Companies burned: Chase, BofA, State Farm Bank, CapOne -- Oddly, CapOne still shows "Open"


Thanks. Appreciate any and all insights, suggestions.


PS: What does "gardening" mean? I see it often in posts.

“If you wish to get rich, save what you get. A fool can earn money; but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage.” ―Brigham Young
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Re: BK 13 -- very confused

Gardening means allowing your accounts to age.

As for your scores, FICO scores are the scores that most creditors use to extend credit. Have you combed through all of your reports to see if there are errors? That may be why there's a huge difference in scores.

Good luck on your rebuild.
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Re: BK 13 -- very confused

We got our BK13 DC in mid-march.  We started to rebuild immediately.  I didn't start doing research here until midway thru my app spree, but have had a lot of success so far.  Like your travel for work and I'm hoping to qualify for a Southwest Airlines card, but fear it'll be a few years.  I recommend doing as much research as you can before starting your apps but I've been able to secure cards with the following so far (between my spouse & I).  Cap One, Cap one auto loan, Comenity Total Rewards, Discover It, Comenity Sportsmans guide & I got the best yet with PenFed powercash @ 5k SL!   Off to garden I go.  There is life after BK

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Re: BK 13 -- very confused

The credit karma scores are vantage scores and are very seldom used. The scores you need t obe concerned with are the Fico scores you can get them through cct (creditcheck total) they have $1 trial or from my fico. 

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