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BK Discharged 3-6-2018 NEED AUTO LOAN IN JULY

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BK Discharged 3-6-2018 NEED AUTO LOAN IN JULY

What are my odds of getting an auto loan to buy out my lease pickup at the end of the term?  Do i have the best chance by calling ALLY to see if they will finance it?  I've never missed a payment, never missed a payment on anything actually i just got over my head. I tried making ends meet as a single parent but it was impossible.   Credit Score is hoovering around 700, 692 Experion.  Got approved for 2k Cap One credit card during bankruptcy, $400 credit card @ creditone bank.  I'm a member of Pen Fed Credit Union but am scared to apply for a loan until later.

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Re: BK Discharged 3-6-2018 NEED AUTO LOAN IN JULY

Which BK type?

Try Cap One prequal’s super easy process. They approved us less than weeks post BK13 at $40K for less than 4%. PenFed then refinanced 1 month later for 1% less.
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Re: BK Discharged 3-6-2018 NEED AUTO LOAN IN JULY

I burned CapOne for only ~5k and they wont pre qaulify me for anything. But alot of people have good results for them right after BK. I'm going on 3 months post. Hoping for something to pop up soon. 

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Re: BK Discharged 3-6-2018 NEED AUTO LOAN IN JULY

Capitol One is a great place to start. If you burned them in BK, it's usually a year post discharge before they will approve you. Some people are able to get in sooner. It's seems to be no real rhyme of reason just YMMV.


Ally is bankruptcy friendly and you could call to see what options you have. They may or may noy be able to help without a hard pull though.


There is a thread with bankruptcy friendly auto lenders. You should view that to get more info on BK friendly auto lenders



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