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BK Friendly Cards? DECLINED!!

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Re: BK Friendly Cards? DECLINED!!

I think you needed to know what type of bankruptcy was filed as well to know why some have gotten immediate results and other's have not.  Also you needed to know how good or bad their credit was prior to bankruptcy and post discharge.


My bk was a chapter 13 that was filed in 2007 so all of my accounts had a very long time to *cool off*.  So I took the biggest hit in scores when I filed and then a few years after that.  At my discharge almost 5 1/2 years later my scores were above 700.  Of course this was due to the cleaning up effort as well.  


One of my creditors even mentioned that its been almost 6 years since my bk so they didn't see an issue granting me credit (DCU).  It was all about the timing of how long after the filing that I sought credit that I beileve worked out in my favor.  If I had just filed a chapter 7 and the date was just in the last couple of months I don't believe that I would have faired well at all.


So I just wanted to point out that there are other circumstances behind why some get the approvals and some don't, and that you're just missing another part of the story that makes all of the difference.  


If I simply told you that within 30 days of my discharge I was approved for a major CC with a $7500 limit, that it is really the truth.  But by leaving out some very important information (all of the above) that will mislead people (which is what I think happened in your case).  Get what I'm saying?  So I hope this helps you understand a little more behind the scenes info that makes the difference.

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