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BK credit reports

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BK credit reports

I am currently awaiting Discharge for my BK which should be anytime this week or next. I pulled myFICO credit reports and scores. All my accounts on both TU and EQ have zero balance, IIB and no payment history. But when I looked at my EX, ALL my accounts have IIB under payment history but is still showing lates and that there are dergoratory. Would I go ahead and dispute now that the information is wrong? Or wait for BK to discharge and see if EX will update with the right information?
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Re: BK credit reports

EX do not delete payment history because of bankruptcy like TU & EQ unfortunately

Starting July 2021/ No recent lates but high utilzation/ Plan to pay off $13,000 ($1,000+ per month) in credit card debt by April 2022 (9 months of fun)
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