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BK fell off EQ today!!! - 70 pt score boost!

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Re: BK fell off EQ today!!! - 70 pt score boost!

emptypockets wrote:

fot1 wrote:

pokerpro wrote:

I am above 720 EQ Fico score with BK still reporting for another two years.



Emptypocket is right, you cannot have any negative remarks once the BK is listed on the CR

Not true.. I have multiple nagatives and broke 700,, while not ideal it isn't the kiss of death either..

I'm not saying you can't get to 700 with a BK and negatives, just that it is unlikely with other negatives reporting. I bet the negatives that are reporting are NOT on the repot that has the 705 score. I notice the other scores listed are under 700. Each bureau has its own things that cause scores to go up and down. How old the baddies are would also affect if you can get to 700 or not. The bottom line is, 700 score or not, the BK will affect you getting credit (you may get approved, but with lower limits, or not at the most favorable interest rate). I say this because I was able to get the AMEX's with the BK reporting (as mentioned in my other posts), but I didnt get the top tier interest rate (even though AMEX reported my EX score as 733), and one of the reasons they stated was due to the BK.  I also have been denied CLI's from different creditors solely due to the BK reporting (without any other baddies on the report). 


Baddies since a BK will DEFINITELY negatively impact a person obtaining credit, regardless of the score being 700. The score is not the only thing to be considered when obtaining credit. A baddie SINCE BK may send a signal to creditors that a person has not learned their lesson, and sshould be avoided at all costs.


Excuse me as I step off my soap box now....Smiley Happy


The Score of 705 has The Bk and 3 Charge off acounts. I agree that baddies after a BK look bad and surely don't help, but it isn't the kiss of death or some magical limiter of hitting 700 either.


Too many to list..
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Re: BK fell off EQ today!!! - 70 pt score boost!

My EQ 732 is FICO from here. -- Quite frankly, I have never pursued any magical score above 700 with my BK I just want it off the report lol

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Re: BK fell off EQ today!!! - 70 pt score boost!

Mine was due to come off Sept of this year. I have been too nervous to check. Did it just go away or did you have to write to all 3 credit agencies? How long after it was supossed to come off did it really come off? Congrats to you!

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