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BK going to fall off around 12/11

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BK going to fall off around 12/11

So back in 12/01 we filed for BK, and Now 12/11 is coming shortly and I am biting at the bit to see it come off of the reports. First thing I am curious is have any of you seen a jump in scores? and if so what could I expect? Does this truly mean that I am now Prime Time ready? Prime Credit cards that is...It has been 10 years since I have seen a discover or any nice cards and I would love to kick the starter cards to the curb. All my scores are in the mid 600s.


Thanks for the help and info!!!

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Re: BK going to fall off around 12/11

First off, congratulations!  I filed CH 7 BK in 5/2002.  My 10 year point is almost here.  I have been doing a lot of research on this subject also.  Provided all the bad accounts fall off, and the public record is removed on time, I have found that it will be anywhere between 15-20 point increase.  My brother's FICO went up 18 points when his fell off. 

All of my BK accounts were removed (without my prompting) about 5 years ago.  The only thing that lingers is my public record.  Also, I have seen a fair amount of people have their public records removed the month prior to filing.  I wouldn't be surprised if yours has fallen off already.

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