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BK13/USAA Auto Loan

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BK13/USAA Auto Loan

I filed CH13 yesterday (Aug 1). I had a small amount past due on my USAA auto loan ($400) but I'm keeping the vehicle. The $400 is being included in my plan, but I will continue to make regular payments going forward. I logged onto USAA today to pay my auto insurance and my car loan has disappeared from my list of accounts. It's no longer as a payee in my bill pay.  Would they have already been notified-24 hours after filing?  Has this happened to anybody else?  How do they expect me to continue making my payments? I plan on giving them a call but curious if anybody else has had a similar experience. 

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Re: BK13/USAA Auto Loan

If you auto loan was included when you filed the loan will now be paid through your CH13 trustee.

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