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BK13 is DC THEN mortgage history vanishes from CB's

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BK13 is DC THEN mortgage history vanishes from CB's

Brief history:

Unbeknownst to me my mortgage was always showing up as late (on the CB's) from the Trustee the past five years (payment being cut/timing snafu apparently).

I disputed w CB's first AND the bank of course.

Result: I now have no/ZERO mortgage showing on my CB's (even tho I have 10 more years). It's as if I've never had this mortgage. 


I'm afraid to poke the bear, PNC, about 'newly' reporting for fear those five years of payments will be reported as "late" again and I've had some really good luck of late establishing my credit.  


I DESIRE A REFI OR HELOC; is this possible?


Ps. Loan is Freddie, atty is no help, DC was 12/15, all scores in low 700s, about 50K in avail credit;10% util.

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Re: BK13 is DC THEN mortgage history vanishes from CB's

Sure you can refi now but your terms may not be as desireable as they will be in two years after your DC.  Speak to a LO.

Keep good records of your payments to show that you are paying ontime. You will probably have to show at least 12 months of cancelled checks or ACH transfers to the new lender since your current lender isn't reporting. Are you paying on time now since your discharge?

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Re: BK13 is DC THEN mortgage history vanishes from CB's



But what's your take on the loan no longer being reported?  Feel free to be as voluminous as need be as to whys, when, etc...


thanks so much


ps. Yes. Absolutely current, on time etc...

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Re: BK13 is DC THEN mortgage history vanishes from CB's

I think you're better off with the mortgage not reporting, because of the late payments. That the late payments were the fault of the trustee really doesn't matter, the mortgage is in your name and some payments were late. Perhaps not fair, but that's the reality.


A HELOC would be difficult with the lack of reporting on your CR, and you'll get much better rates if you wait to refi 2 years past your CH13 discharge. How long ago was your discharge?


The lack of mortgage reporting really won't significantly affect rebuilding your credit - the mix of your credit (credit card/installment) only accounts for 10% of your score. My Ch7 was discharged Jan 2011. I didn't reaffirm my mortgage on the advice of my attorney, even though I was never late before or during BK, or since. But my CR shows my mortgage as discharged in BK, $0 balance. Anyone looking at my CR would just assume I walked away, but that has had little effect on my credit rebuild. I would refi, but I'm planning on selling in a year or two.

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