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BOA Reporting after Ch. 7 BK

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BOA Reporting after Ch. 7 BK



Long time lurker, 1st time poster. I had 2 mortgages with BOA on my primary residence that was foreclosed & then sold in 2016. I filed Ch.7 BK & included both mortgages, the BK was discharged in Nov. 2018.


BOA continues to send me monthly statements showing the $7500 2nd mortgage balance (it was a deferred mortgage so it should have become due when the foreclosure occurred, but BOA seems to have no idea they foreclosed on the residence so they have never asked for any payment).


My question is-I want to contact BOA & tell them to stop sending me monthly statements since the debt was discharged in BK. However, the account is listed on all of my credit reports as a positive tradeline with a 0 balance  (it's not showing as IIB).


Should I tell BOA the situation & tell them to report the account with a 0 balance & IIB? Or am I better off leaving it alone & letting it report as a positive account? Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: BOA Reporting after Ch. 7 BK

Anyone have an opinion?

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Re: BOA Reporting after Ch. 7 BK

Just my opinion...I would leave it alone if it was me just throw the statements in the trash because it doesnt hurt you for them to send statements as long as they dont sue you or report you negatively.

I dont know if telling them and them updating your credit would have an effect on your score or not.

I recently sent a company an email saying stop sending me statements as it was discharged in BK solely because they reported it as BK on my credit and I found the statement emails to be annoying. Smiley Happy
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