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Bankruptcy Audit / Anxiety getting the best of me

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Bankruptcy Audit / Anxiety getting the best of me

I filed ch13, hired an attorney. Did everything he told me to, gave him bank statements , debitors, assets, paystubs, profit loss statements from my CPR, P.C. repair and Uber sole props and all of that.

I did all of the P/L statements myself. After my attorney told me the DOJ was doing an audit and requested much the same docs I provided already (2 years tax returns, 6 months bank statements etc) I wanted to go over everything.

Aside: I’ve done my own taxes for the last 6-8 years and started driving Uber last February (2018) which really (unbenounced to me apparently) complicated things

At the time my Uber expenses looked over exaggerated to me so I went through and looked and noticed what I thought was a huge mistake on my mileage deduction. Uber gives you on app statements that show your online mileage and you can also run reports on your transactions (pay) that you receive. I sent my attorney another P/L with updated incomes (more then what I initially gave. It avg out to about 90$ more monthly.

I met with a CPA today (told I was being audited around the 20th) who told me that I could claim the full amount that Uber told me I was online for and that I was probably screwing myself by not taking certain deductions. He advised to edit my 2018 1040 and schedule Cs and amend them along with cell phone and insurance expenses. He says that I wasn’t taking the correct amount of deductions to begin with tax wise

I emailed my attorney today and explained all of this to him. I feel relieved that my initial thoughts that I unintentionally over reported expenses was put to rest by the CPA, but I also feel like I just complicated things a lot.

I have general anxiety and worries anyway and all of this just added to it.

I’m not intentionally trying to hide anything and if anything I should probably be reporting a loss on Uber instead of a gain (according to CPA)

Anyone ever gone though a similar situation? I’m a very honest person (hell my computer business prior to all of this didn’t gross more then 3000 per year with my computer business until 2018 when I started Ubering. Plus I have 3 other jobs (one full time and two part time).

I’m just trying to put my anxiety and mind to ease about this. Atty says it’s routine and he’s never had any issues. And I trust him because he helped me and my ex through our 7 about 6-7 years ago.

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Re: Bankruptcy Audit / Anxiety getting the best of me

Sounds like to me since this is your 2nd BK, they they are just following thru, and it does sound routine with your many "jobs". I wouldn't worry too much about it. You've provided the paperwork they've asked for, and clearly you're not trying to hide anything.

You should be fine! BTW, welcome to the forums, and glad you decided to start posting here!Smiley Happy Please keep us posted on your progress!
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