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Bankruptcy Credit and Life Rebuilding

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Bankruptcy Credit and Life Rebuilding

Hello all, 


Just wanted to share the good news with you all. I filed for BK on August 2017, it is due to be discharged in about 22 days. I am super excited. While waiting I was able to get a student loan wage garnishment stopped, as well as get my chexsystems report cleared. (pretty exciting, I must say) as I have been trying to get a credit union account for years. Today Nov 5, I was browsing the best credit unions in my area, and I applied with no expectation of getting approved for a savings account. It turns out, I was approved. I really just want to have a credit union on my books and a savings account is pretty much all I wanted to get out of it. They do also offer a secured credit card which I really want to get into at the beginning of the year. 


Long story short, I am just really excited to finally be able to join a Credit Union like a normal person. Smiley Very Happy


I will keep you all updated as to my rebuilding process, so far, so good. 

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Re: Bankruptcy Credit and Life Rebuilding

So this feels really silly replying to my own post, but here it goes. 


While checking my discover scorecard (credit report service) I decided to swing by the ol' discover card pre-qualifier and I was pre-qualified for the secured IT card!!!! I know, I know! It's the secured version, but I am on my way to greater things. I applied and everything went over well. So moving on to bigger and greater things. I am going to begin my BK7to700 with this one. 





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Re: Bankruptcy Credit and Life Rebuilding

It feels really good to start doing things the "right" way. Congrats and keep moving forward :-)

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Re: Bankruptcy Credit and Life Rebuilding

Yes, it’s definitely very exciting. I think this will be my only CC for the next 6-8 months. According to DC they review secured cards after 8 months to see if they qualify for the unsecured products. This will be my gas card for the next months until then and then just keep on building from there!
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