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Bankruptcy Reporting


Bankruptcy Reporting

So, on the public records section of's report, there are no entries - which, I'm guessing means the bankruptcy that was dischard in May of 1999 is supposedly "off" my credit report?  Well, at least that's what I thought until I applied for a car loan today and the first thing the Loan Officer said was, "So, I see you have a bankruptcy..."


If I can't see it on my credit report from myFiCO... how do lenders get to see it???  What do I need to do to get these things GONE and get a true, COMPLETE version of the credit report lenders get to see??


I'm very frustrated and any help is appreciated at this point!!  Thanks!

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Re: Bankruptcy Reporting

Hi, was the BK off all three of your credit reports, this is frightening to hear as my BK is due to fall off TU in June, and EQ, EX in July, and after it comes off I am going to apply for a mortgage, I just hope I do not get the same response, But I have read where there is another report that can be pulled that shows all past accounts I am curious if this car agency was able to do this or even can they, what is the sense of the rebuilding process if anyone can go back 10, 15 years to get information that should be buried.  Good Luck hope you get this corrected and get your loan.

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Re: Bankruptcy Reporting

I would assume that it has not fallen off all three CRA's.....and since you can't get an EX FICO, maybe that is the one.


You need to order actual CR reports from each of the three CRA's to see what the contents are.  If you have been denied credit, then you can get them free.


Also, if your BK was May 1999, then it technically isn't set to fall off till May 2009 (next month).  Sometimes this happens a month or two early on one or two, but you can't assume it has done so on all three.

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