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Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

KBear wrote:

I haven't been discharged yet, but expect to be within a month or so.  When will I be able to get a credit card, and what should I start with?

please take some time to read through these forums.  this answer and about 50 others you'll have are all outlined thoroughly.


its best to get a secured credit card with your local credit union to start out with.

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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

I just read through all 20 pages of this thread! My husband and I just filed BK7 on 6/25/13. We haven't had our 341 meeting or been discharged yet, but I am trying to create the plan for us to rebuild our credit. Our BK was mostly due to a move for work, and not being able to sell our home and needing to let it go in to foreclosure, we also had some big medical bills. We had a BOA card, Chase BabysRUs, Express, and Macy's go in (because we couldn't prefer creditors). My Mom has me as an AU on some of her long standing cards that didn't go in the BK (obviously, they weren't mine) but it has helped my credit rating (last I checked, was low 600's). My husband does not have this long standing credit, he is however, the only income in our family. My question is, should I apply for CC for us post discharge together? He has income, and I still have some good reporting?? The other thing is, we currently bank with Wells Fargo, but I am considering moving us to a local CU (MidFlorida CU, does anyone have experience with them?) We have never had an overdraft or bounced checks from our bank, so I am hoping if we move to the CU we would be more likely to an unsecured CC from them. I WISH we could go with Navy CU, but I can't think of anyway to get in (I have a first cousin who is a National Guardsman?!?) I would LOVE for someone to give some advice on the situation. I want to rebuild us back to the great credit rating we had in 2005, before all of this crazy started happening. Thank in advance!!

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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

My plan is different than everybody elses but seems to be working well



bk7 discharged 9/2012

avenue card should approve after intial denial they should send you a offer for annual fee card "59" 250 cl 

cap1 is great i have 3 cards with them secured 200, plat 500, cash rewards 300

kohls approved me 300

take your mom to that credit union and open a line of credit and use a small portion every month never more than 20%

you need a installment loan car, personal loan, etc....

don't be afraid of inquiry's get all you can now and take care of it well at your 2 year mark you will have been established


mind you this is more of a extreme plan but it's working for me

all the best to you


300 300 1000 1000 1000 300 450 5750
750 200 300 300 200 300 AU 8700
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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

After reading through the posts i Applied for Capital One secured and unsecured cards and was declined. I called for recon on the secured card but still couldn't get the approval.

I am wondering if I should apply for Target. My FICO score is 581 and my bankruptcy was discharged on July 5, 2013. Other than applying for a credit union secured credit card I don't think any lender will approve me.
**Gardening until Sept. 2016...**
BK 7: Filed March 2013/Discharged June 2013
FICO Score: 580 at the start
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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

Target is not very BK friendly. Esp with such a recent BK. Your local credit union may be your best bet. Don't just apply online though. Print out your credit report, take it with you and talk to a loan officer. They should be able to tell you if they think you will be approved based on your credit report. That way, you are not wasting an inquiry. Be patient too. I didn't get my first card until 3 months post discharge. Make sure you have reviewed your credit report and everything is reporting as "included in bankruptcy"

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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

I would not apply for a Target card yet. You need to get a secured card first. Your best bet is trying with a local credit union. In my opinion, if you got declined at Capital One, Target will probably decline you as well.  I just got my Target card last month, about 18 months after my bankruptcy was discharged.


Hang in there!

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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

Just got my first MAJOR credit card after being less than 1 month out of  a 5 YEAR chapter 13 bankruptcy thru Wells Fargo (since I work there maybe why not sure).  not the highest of credit lines but I'll take it.  They started me out with $1000.  Hopefully my credit scores will go up as a result... so i have one secured card that i'm paying on religiously ontime and this one...

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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

Bk Discharged: 4/09

Credit check on 7/9/2013
Ex: 718
Eq: 698
Tu: 728

Before reading this post I would have apply for a unsecure cc probably in 2017. Thanks to the post I was inspired to apply for the discover it card. I'm extremely gratefull to day I got approved for $1,000. I like to confirm discover it is friendly bk Smiley Happy

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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

Congratulations, Skatewitch on your aapproval.  With scores like that, you should be able to prime rate cards with no problems!!!  I bet after 6 months of positive credit reporting with your Discover card, you will be getting preapproved offers for real cards.



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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

Thank you! I hope so! By the way, they are fako scores :-/. Got they from
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