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Bankruptcy-personal loan-advice please

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Bankruptcy-personal loan-advice please

I am needing a $5k loan soon after discharge to pay state taxes otherwise they will suspend license.

I know interest will be ridiculous and it sucks to jump into a loan immediately. I have no other means. I do make decent income.

I keep receiving letters from one main for pre-approval for $15k loan. Research shows they aren't bankruptcy Friendly.

Has anyone had success getting a personal loan after bankruptcy? With who?
(No credit Unions- I'm not eligible to join)

Thank you
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Re: Bankruptcy-personal loan-advice please

They shouldnt suspend your license for back taxes.  All you have to do is call them and tell them you just filed a BK, and need to set up a payment plan, or have your attorney do it. Taxes are rarely IIB, so they are used to it. 

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