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Bankruptcy removed from credit

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Bankruptcy removed from credit

can someone help or give me tips on how to remove bankruptcy from my credit. it will be very helpful.Thanks alot 

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Re: Bankruptcy removed from credit

it'll be gone in ten years max,depending if it was chapter 7 or 13 no way to have it removed early as you did file. It may be removed a handful of months before that 10 years but not before that.

Chapter 7 filed 2/3
Discharged 6/30

Fico 8
EQ 654 TU 650 Ex 651
Fico 4 TU 679 Fico 5 692 Fico 2 634
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Re: Bankruptcy removed from credit

Wait 10 years from filing for a BK7 or

Wait 7 years from filing for a BK13

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Re: Bankruptcy removed from credit

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If anyone wishes to discuss credit "repair" scams, unethical practices, frivolous disputes and so on, this is not the place for it. 

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Re: Bankruptcy removed from credit


Check out Credit Reporting After Chapter 13 posting chain from last year. Several examples including mine. I can't remember whether EX or TU came off first after 6 yr and 6 mo after filing (6 mo early), then the other at 6 yr mo and 9 mo (3 mo early). I do remember EQ refusing to come off early but did drop off a little less than a month from 7 yr window. This link will show the successful and not so successful strategies used in the last year or two. Do not believe anyone that says you can get a discharged BK13 off before 7 yrs after filing. Seems they do sometimes drop off mysteriously, but I haven't seen that tied to anyone's action, intentional or not.


Good luck!


BK13 filed 11/2013 discharged 6/2019
Oct 2019 EQ 672 TU 643 EX 663
Mar 2021 EQ 850 TU 837 EX 839
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Re: Bankruptcy removed from credit

If you filed a Ch 7 - 10 years from discharge. You can search the term early exclusion - plenty of threads here about it.

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