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Barclay bank

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Re: Barclay bank

i just filed, but did not include them becasue of zero balance.  i keep waitng or them to close it.

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Re: Barclay bank

My wife and I got a joint Barclay from the apple store after chapter 13 converted to chapter 7 . Limit 3100. Now I even have a Barclay rewards 2000 limit.  I really want to try to get a us aiways card through Barclay. 

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Re: Barclay bank

I got approved for an Apple Finance Card with a credit line of $2200 six months after my chapter7 was discharged. I would say Barclay is bankruptcy friendly.

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Re: Barclay bank

I got the rewards card about 2.8yrs after BK7, but I didn't have one before so they weren't included.  I did have 3 TL's open, with good pay historys, but the oldest was only 10mo at the time of the app...

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