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BofA/MBNA listed as CO instead of IIB

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BofA/MBNA listed as CO instead of IIB

My BK was d/c 10-07 and in checking my EQ report, there is a cc listed from BofA.  I never had a card with BofA, but I did have one with MBNA.


Should I simply call the number on the report and ask them to change the status, remove it completely, or ???


Really new to this, and want to get re-established.



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Re: BofA/MBNA listed as CO instead of IIB

Yes, this is your previous MBNA card, now BoA.


Does the cc report an unpaid balance owed?  This account will continue to report till 7 years from DOFD.  Chances are slim they would remove it.


It should show in remarks/comments:  INCLUDED IN BANKRUPTCY and the status as Charge Off and balance $0.  But it most likely will have a "High Balance" amount reported.  If this is how it reports, then there is nothing you can dispute.  You could attempt a GW letter but it is unlikely they would GW a BK account.


You can legally offer to pay/settle the account voluntarily (they cannot ask, but you can offer) to do a PFD.  Possibly you could get some type of settle for less than owed PFD.

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Re: BofA/MBNA listed as CO instead of IIB

The account is not listed as IIB, it simply says CO.  I tried before to get it fixed through I think TU, but they declined to change it.  How do I get it updated to say IIB?


I would think about PFD, but the balance shows well over $4k, and I simpky don;t have that kind of $$ sitting around.

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