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Bought a home just over 2 years after BK7

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Bought a home just over 2 years after BK7

Here is a breakdown of my BK7 journey 2 years 3 months after discharge. I was discharged on 11/10/15 from Chapter 7. I did not have any credit cards at the time as the debts were mainly utility, doctor and personal loans.


Home Loan - (Bank of America) $90,700 @ 2.875 Interest rate (No down payment or PMI) You can read about that journey here

Closed on my house on 1/16/18



Credit Cards

Cap One QS - $16K (Applied 1 month after discharge and approved for 3K on the QS1. Also applied for the Platinum at the same time and was approved for $3k. Let grow and combined last year)

Cap One Venture- $15K (Applied 3 months out of BK and approved for $10K SL).

Barclay NFL - $7K  (Applied 1 year out of BX for a $2K SL and 2 months ago requested increase and they went up an additional $5K)

Discover IT $3.9K (Applied 1 year out of BK and got a $2500 SL. Several credit increases later I have $3.9K)

Discover IT - $9.5K- (Applied the day after I closed on my house 1/18 and got a bigger starting limit)

Lowes – $17K (Applied about 1 year out of BK and received a $2500 SL. Called after I got the card and requested $25K and was countered with $17K)

Bank of America – $1K (Applied the same day as my second discover in 1/18 and was happy just to get in the door)


Personal Loans

Lending Tree - $5K – 6.9% Interest Rate (Applied 1.5 years post BK)


Current Fico Scores are Equifax (701)  Transunion  (720) Experian (713). They took a little hit after the mortgage pulls and new accounts but my main goal was getting a house.


Just wanted to post so people who are going through a BK know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Any question feel free to ask.

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Re: Bought a home just over 2 years after BK7

Was it an FHA or VA loan?   Where do you live that you can buy a house so reasonably?   In Seattle that's half a down payment on a cheap house.   Wow.

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Re: Bought a home just over 2 years after BK7

My account was locked and I cant get a hold of anyone to unlock it so I had to make a new account.


I wnet through NACA for my mortgage. If you click on my link it takes you to the mortgage forum where I posted a detailed write up of how I got approved.


It is actually a conventional according to BOA website.


I live in Souther Illinois so the housing here is much cheaper. We purchased the house for $90,700 and it appraised for a little over $124K.

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Re: Bought a home just over 2 years after BK7

@Homeowner18 I am not seeing you original account @mdjj18 account locked or banned.  You are welcome to PM me or another moderator with the exact message/problem you are getting to see if we can try to figure out your issue and help you resolve it.   Look forward to hearing from you.  



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