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Brokers/Mortgage Companies


Brokers/Mortgage Companies

Good Afternoon everyone.  I am trying to research mortgage brokers to kinda help guide me in the right direction so that I'm prepared to purchase my house in about six months.  I talk to one lady who someone on here recommended but she said I have to wait four years since I filed a Chapter 13.  I already know for a fact that's not true if you go through FHA.  If anyone has purchased a house while in a Chapter 13 or know of any brokers/mortgage companies I can speak with can you please inbox me their information.  I want to have all of my ducks in a row when I get ready to apply.


I'm just not sure which mortgage companies are easier to deal with.

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Re: Brokers/Mortgage Companies

I'd actually like to know this information too. I'm currently researching brokers myself and idk where to start. This process seems so overwhelming at times and I want to get this right. The only company I know for sure is Flagstar Bank but I've read so many negative reviews about them. I've spoken with an assistant VP there who was nice but something still leaves me super hesitant about using them.
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Re: Brokers/Mortgage Companies

I'm a mortgage officer, but I haven't worked a problem loan in a long time. Guidelines are constantly changing with everything that has transpired over the last five years. My understanding is that you can get a mortgage loan one day out of a Chapter 13 discharge if you qualify with credit scores, debt to income ratio, income and assets. It is having a foreclosure that prevents you from getting a mortgage loan for four years. I understand that you may be able to bypass the foreclosure four year mark by putting down a sizeable down payment, 35% or greater, AND in conjunction with using a local bank or credit union and not an FHA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac conventional loan. The difference is that the local bank or credit union uses their own investor money as opposed to selling off to the secondary market. Usually these loans are ARM's with a balloon in 5 or 10 years and an upfront commission (points).  It will still have a 20 or 30 amortization to keep you payments down. The lender will want you to refinance when the balloon comes due. I imagine things will get looser on the FHA and conventional side as the government tries to grow the economy by driving home purchases. This area of the economy has been slow to recover. Remember, there are a lot of fiscally responsible people that lost their homes, not just deadbeats. This is a real viable growth area for the government to get these people back into homes and not renting.

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Re: Brokers/Mortgage Companies

I recently spoke with someone about FHA and conventional loans.  I was informed that I would have to wait 2 years for FHA and 4 years for conventional.  My mid score was 658.  Just curious as to where I can find the information about how long I should wait.



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Re: Brokers/Mortgage Companies

There are several brokers who post on the mortgage forum that would be glad to help if you post there.

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