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C1 Venture X`


C1 Venture X`

Hey all, 


Currently looking to try and open a Venture X with C1 within the next 6 months and was wondering if anyone with a BK on their credit history has had any luck? For reference, I filed in 2018. I currently have two C1 cards. QS $5,350 limit and a new SavorOne with a $1,000 Limit. I also have a Mercury card for $2,350. Being my track record with Capital one currently, I'd really like to open a "Premium" credit card since Amex and Chase are out of the question - atleast for a while.



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Re: C1 Venture X`

While not the X, I recently was approved for the C1 Venture 6.8 years post bk13.


My history with C1 - was approved for plat mc 1 month post discharge for 1k limit.  Over the past 2 years, with heavy usage, it has grown to 6150 limit almost all auto cli.  I checked the upgrade page and it showed I was eligible to upgrade to Venture but I decided to apply cold to get the welcome bonus and eat the inquiries.  Was approved at 10k starting limit.


Current scores are TU - 800, Eq - 710 and Ex recently jumped to 702.  Bk removed from TU early exclusion.  EX and EQ still have the bk showing as the only negative.  0% utilization across the board.

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Re: C1 Venture X`



I am currently a little over a year from bankruptcy but a couple months ago I was able to upgrade my quicksilver card to the regular Venture rewards. You may be able to get the Venture X that way. Only thing with upgraded cards you do not get the new card benefits I believe.

Bankruptcy Discharge 9/21/2020
Starting Scores

Slowly moving 10/27/2020

May Update

Slow and Steady Rebuild

Around 15K in revolving credit at 2% and 45K Auto Loan! Hoping to start upping those limits over time once more banks allow me to get unsecure cards. ??
Capital one Platinum and Quicksilver
Kia Financial 49K auto loan
Navy Fed Secure Card
OpenSky Secure Card
Schools First FCU Card
Grain account
KikOff Loan and credit account
Student Loans Perfect history 16K left
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Re: C1 Venture X`

I had a CH7 BK 11/2014

11/9 was approved for Venture X $30,000 limt 23.99APR  EQ FICO 714

I also have a Savor that I have grown to $21,500 limit, regular Venture $6,500 limit heavy usage on both $5-6000 a month total

I recently closed a QS with a $5,000 limit with no recent usage to make room for this card 

1% UTI, I PIF every month before statement cuts (the past 26 or so months, for a few years before that I carried a balance) 

Capital one has been very good to me - even before my previous baddies dropped off 




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