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CC listed as late even though IIB

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CC listed as late even though IIB

I have 2 accounts on my credit report that show they were included in BK.  They also show I was late up to 18 times.  The late payments are listed after the BK was filed.  I was in a ch 13.  Should I bother to get the late payments removed or does it even matter since the account was IIB?  I don't want to waste my time fighting something if doesn't even matter.  Thanks
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Re: CC listed as late even though IIB

I have a similar situation jammy. I have 1 cc and my car loan that are IIB, but are also showing amounts past due, and my 13 is almost 2 years old now. Ironically, these are showing up on my EX report which is my highest score. Not sure whether these are hurting my score or are worth trying to fix?
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