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i FILED BK CHPT 7 IN MAY 14 2012 ... then I had a new inquiry from someone called Full Spectrum Litigation on 05/22/2012. Dont know who they are and definitely didnt authorize my question is once I have filed BK did it give possible collection agencies permission to pull my credit? Under  my rights they couldn't contact me whoever they are but did it give them permission to pull credit> HELP>>

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I do not think that Filing Bankruptcy  prevents collection agencies from pulling your credit.  You might have an outstanding debt with them, or maybe they took over some debt from one of your creditors, as long as it is an inquiry i would worry too much about it, However, I would make sure you research who the company is and keep an eye on your credit report should a new collection appears on it. Bankruptcy will only protect you from everything included in your Bankruptcy filing. I had a collection account appear on my credit report after I filed for was for a debt i had with Tmobile, which I had forgotten about. I was able to get the account off my credit report working with both Tmobile and the Collection agency. Since your enquuiry happend over six months ago and nothing has showed up on your credit report....I doubt anything will at this point.

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I'll also add that only 8 days had passed. If the debt was included in the BK maybe those 8 days weren't enough time to stop the inquiry. Inquiries by CAs are allowed per the FCRA, though I'll agree with you that if they knew then it shouldn't have been there. And maybe this CA is collecting on a forgotten debt not included in the BK, which makes it allowable.


I personally wouldn't do anything. FICO will stop scoring it in 7 months anyway. And if a BK is reporting w/ accounts listed as IIB, then there's zero ding from the inquiry. Calling them would invite collection activity if not included. I'd sit it out.

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