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CR clarification reporting chapter 13

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Re: CR clarification reporting chapter 13

MovingForward_2012 wrote:
Do you have your discharge letter? Couldn't you send that into Transunion to get the status changed? Or dispute it? You really need to get that changed on your report. 

Well ummm that goes back to my first question in this thread...LOL!


No way am I going to send them my discharge papers so that they can get their &^%$ right.  They are reporting inaccurate information even though I have been informing them of the exact date of discharge and the correct case number, which are both wrong along with the "filed" status.  All they had to do is verify my information and obviously they can't do it becasue if they could they would have.  As far as I'm concerned I'd rather get them on these inaccuracies in hopes of deletion instead of handing them the golden egg.

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Re: CR clarification reporting chapter 13

Okay. You could wait until 2014 to give them your discharge papers IF the BK doesn't fall off on its own. If I remember right, the change in status to discharge didn't affect my score at all. It was the aging of the BK that did.

Truth of the matter is, it is your responsibility to report inaccuracies on your report to get them corrected. A BK won't delete before it's due so I don't think giving them your discharge papers will cause it to stay on your credit report longer. Send them paperwork showing when the BK was filed as well to get that changed too if needed. What is stated on your FICO TU & EQ reports? Is the info on your TU FICO report the same as what is on your TU FAKO report?

Many disputes without proper paperwork come back with the inaccuracies reported as valid. Having a no discharge on one of your CRs can cause you denial of credit or credit approval for a lower amount with a higher APR. Before my BK was discharged and I tried to qualify for a auto loan in 2010, the dealer told me I couldn't get the amount I wanted because my 13 wasn't discharged and once it is discharged, it opens me up to other lenders that would provide financing for the car I wanted. So I had to wait until the discharge.

A discharge looks very favorable to creditors as it shows that you paid off your plan as agreed. I wouldn't be afraid of something bad happening by providing accurate information. If anything, it will make it easier for you to get credit in the future. If I were you, I would send your discharge papers to TU to get that corrected. Smiley Happy
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