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Can my FICO really be this decent?


Can my FICO really be this decent?

Hi all, I'm new here and have been posting a few questions as I've been newly digging into my FICO score.  Thanks for all the help so far.


My biggest surprise after signing up was seeing I have a EQ FICO of 706.


I've been a member on Credit Karma for more than 12 months and I've recently learned the difference between a real FICO and their scoring.  On CK, it shows I'm 665. so you can imagine how surprised I was to find I'm slightly over 700.  


The real surprise, however, is my history:

- in 2006 I declared chapt. 7

- I haven't been perfect since then:  I've had one collection (which I'm now trying to get to the bottom of/resolve) and one court judgement for a small claims that I ignored


Last November I was denied a rental application for an apartment.  At this time, I was one Credit Karma but not using anything else to discover my true credit score (I thought CK was accurate).  The denial was a big wake up call and I started doing some slight work on my credit rating.  I got my CC utilization down below 10% and was able to remove some items from my report.  My score jumped on CK from ~620ish to 665 which is where it has flatlined since about March this year.


I guess my question is would I really be accepted for a loan with a decent interest rate?  Would I be able to be approved for an apartment now?  It's hard to believe, mostly because the apartment denial still feels so fresh.  I'm not in a place where I'm looking to do either, but it would be some nice piece of mind to know wthat I'm moving forward and making progress.  Again, it just seems hard to believe.


Thanks again for the support.  This community seems quite amazing.  I feel quite embarrassed about my past and my girlfriend of 2 years only knows part of the picture.  I'm glad I can ask questions here and not feel judged.



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