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Cap1 PreQual turned into 7-10day

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Cap1 PreQual turned into 7-10day

I filed in Nov 2017, Discharged in March 2018.  I was completely current with all cards including Cap1.  But they got burned for about $3500.

Since my discharge I'd never seen a prequal on their site.  But in the meantime, I got Disco Secured[$600-they still don't like me enough to graduate-they were unburnt] a week out of discharge.  Over the following 3-6 months, LendUp & Ollo stepped up.


Tuesday morning, as part of my morning routine I checked Cap1 prequalifier.  I don't do it every morning, but at least once a week.

I was surprised to get the Congrats message, offering both the QS1(w/AF) and the Platinum(no/AF).

I went for it... chose the Platinum.


I was greeted with the 'further review' and 7-10 days.

I did attempt to call in yesterday, but the hold times have been killer.  The automated status is still reporting 'reviewing'. I still haven't spoken to anybody, so I have no results yet.

I'll give them the weekend before I call again.


It's going to really suck having taken the triple hit when I recall Cap1 being REALLY accurate with their qualifier.

I wonder if the automated status line actually reports denial, or does it keep you in limbo until you receive their letter?


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Re: Cap1 PreQual turned into 7-10day

Are your reports frozen by any chance or a fraud alert active?
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Re: Cap1 PreQual turned into 7-10day

@StartingOver2018 wrote:
Are your reports frozen by any chance or a fraud alert active?

Nope, reports are accessible and clean except for the BK related stuff 

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Re: Cap1 PreQual turned into 7-10day

I attempted to call for status a few times in the past two weeks, in case there were questions to be asked.  But I kept running out of time and couldn't outlast the hold times... until yesterday.

I finally called in for status and had plenty of time to wait.  I apped on Jan 8th and still had not heard a peep.  Nothing in the mail, no calls, no emails, and nothing popping up in my account(Cap1 savings leftover from pre-Ch7, that I still haven't touched since filing... I mostly abandoned it)


I finally got through and asked the status.  After verification of my info, she tells me that I need to speak with another department.  I'm sitting there thinking 'Finally!'.  There is nothing they can ask me that is different than what I provided in my app.

Sure enough... Fraud department.  As I offered up to the first lady, there were probably verification questions regarding my recent move(10/18), although all reports started showing my new address by 12/18.


The fellow on the other end in the fraud department verified basics again, and during the process I told him that I was expecting verification of the recent move from day one.  He told me that they 'recently' sent a letter requesting a call/docs/etc for further information.  But now he told me to just ignore that letter as I had provided enough verification on the phone.  He said he would be passing the application forward and that I would hear soon.  I just wonder how much longer we've got to go from here.  lol, been a while already... and I'm not allowing another triple-pull if the initial ones expire Smiley Happy


Anywho... there's an update.  The wait continues.

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