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Greetings everyone!! I have been pouring over these threads for a week now and I can tell you, I'm definitely in a better place with my decision to Chap 7. I thank you all for that. I don't feel alone, lost, or judged anymore.
Well enough of that. A little history.....We got so behind in bills because my DH was losing income and then eventually the whole job for health reasons. For the past year and 1/2 it's really been my income and I just couldn't make it work anymore. On May 3 our car was repossessed. I wasn't surprised at all but yet a little defeated. I filed Chap 7 on the May 8. I knew either way my credit was going to take a hit. But at least I could rebuild. Who would give me anything with collections and now a fresh repo on my credit.
Fast forward. We really need a car and I wanted to use Cap1 to get one after my discharge which is hopefully sometime in Sep/Oct. The only thing is I used to have a cc with them years ago. They closed it with a $500 bal. I paid $200 but the rest went to collections. How will that affect my chance with them? I didn't actually burn them but the collection agency, right?
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Re: Cap1

You still burned them because it affects their profit and loss. They'll forgive you in time, or they'll sue you. I highly doubt they'll sue you specifically. How long you'll be on their naughty list? 🤷

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Re: Cap1

Try to check their prequal, my husband owed them money from a credit card around 3 years ago and they already gave him another cardnagain. Not sure if it's different for auto but you can still check the prequal and see.
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Re: Cap1

Oh man!! At least 5 yrs ago but been in collection at least 2-3 of those years.
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Re: Cap1

Cap One is very forgiving.


Keep checking prequels.

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