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CapOne & BK 7

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Re: CapOne & BK 7

I burned CapOne for right at $3K on a Platinum and Quiksilver card.  Chap 7 discharged 10/15/18.  I had tried the prequal every few weeks since the first of 2019.  FINALLY got approved for a QS with a $3K limit on 8/12.  YES!  Give it time.  Some folks have gotten back in with them quickly, others it has taken a year or so.  Good luck!

Chap 7 BK discharge date 10/15/18
FICO's as of 6/13/19:
Experian - 613 TransUnion - 671 Equifax - 672
FICO's as of 11/22/19
Experian - 660 TransUnion-624 (WTH?) - Equifax - 656
Credit cards: Kohls $300
Merrick card $700
Cap One Quiksilver $3K
OLLO $1.5K
Self Lender Loan
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