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Capital 1 email invitation during chapter 7?

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Capital 1 email invitation during chapter 7?



I did my meeting with trustee 2 weeks ago, I believe discharge is about 45 days away. Burned capital 1 for approx $3000 between a QS1 & platinum card (started off secured) after a couple of years of on time payments & high usage. Cap 1 auto loan PIF.

This morning received an email invitation to come back with a preapproval code. Went to the prequal site, entered all the data and says approved for either secured $49 down / $200 CL or up to $2000 unsecured.


I know cap1 is very forgiving of BK & getting burned, but I've never seen anyone get an approval before chapter 7 discharge, but also know the prequal is pretty accurate. 

Any guidance here? Is it with the HP to try?  Need to rebuild ASAP!

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Re: Capital 1 email invitation during chapter 7?

You would need to wait until your DC has been finalized or check with your attorney for guidance since your BK hasn't been officially discharged.


Also, it will be 3 Hard Pulls when you apply (1 for each CRA), not SP.

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Re: Capital 1 email invitation during chapter 7?

Its best to wait until everything that was IIB says so and all accounts show a $0 balance. You do get a small score rise because your legally out of debt after DC. We say wait until 30 days after DC. Check your reports for accuracy and then slowly start your rebuild. Best of luck towards your DC.

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