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Capital One Platinum CLI

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Capital One Platinum CLI

I got a Capital One Platinum in January. Ch 7 BK was discharged in November. It has a CL of $1000. I heard you can request a CLI before the automatic one at 6 months. When is a good time to do that?


Also, complicating things just a bit more, I encountered a vehicle problem and didn't have the cash so had to charge $400. I intended to pay it off before the bill was sent out but just missed it. I paid it off but Cap One reported the high balance to the credit reporting agencies now, obviously. So my report shows the high balance but Cap One themselves should see it's paid off. Should I wait to request a CLI until after the new balance hits the credit reporting agencies?

EQ 659, TU 634, EX 647 (March 2017)
Ch. 7 BK filed Aug 2016
Current Card: Capital One Platinum, $1000
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Re: Capital One Platinum CLI

I would give Capital One a call and t/t them.    My BK discharged in Jan 2017 and I was approved for the secured c/c.  I just t/t an agent and they told me, on my card they will automatically increase the credit line after 5 billing cycles. 


Best of luck to you!!












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Re: Capital One Platinum CLI

Most people have pushed the luv button and gotten cli's around the 90 day mark/ after 3rd statement cuts.  I've read capital one likes high usage just pay it down to 1-9%UTI before statement cuts.

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