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Capitol One - Excellent Credit?


Re: Capitol One - Excellent Credit?

aussiesareforever wrote:

You were likely rebucketed. Essentially once your BK drops, you are now being compared to people without BKs instead of being in the same bucket with individuals with BK.


Capital One will not approve you for the excellent credit card with a 600 score. I will not waste an inquiry. You can try the average credit one.

Aussiesareforever, can you please explain this a bit more?  So if you are compared with the BK category, then you are expected to have a certain amount of established credit since your BK?  So without the BK, would that expectation be higher?  Trying to put it in perspective.



Also, to the original poster, I believe Cap1 has a thing on their website which tells you which credit card you qualify for, without doing a hard pull - might be a soft pull, not sure.  But it will present you with card choices you would most likely be approved for, including the secured option.

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