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Car loan after BK?


Car loan after BK?

Do any major car companies such as Honda, Toyota or Nissan, Ford give financing after a BK with a farily good credit score? Where else might you get a car loan and what type of interest rate?

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Re: Car loan after BK?

To answer your question directly yes they do offer financing post BK. Rates may not be as good but the possibility to finance is available. Requirements may be different between creditors/lenders do your homework and research them.

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Re: Car loan after BK?

As far as I can remember I was never turned down for any type of loan because of my BK but of course I know I paid higher rates because of it.


Credit unions can be a good source for possible financing. If you have any in your local area I would talk to several of them.



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Re: Car loan after BK?

Toyota and Nissan/Infiniti would be at the top of my list.

Nissan will go down to 620 and still offer special financing

Toyota will go to 650 - Tier 3 for them and still give you special financing and leasing.

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