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Car loan included in BK still reporting

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Car loan included in BK still reporting

I discharged in March of 2020. I was reviewing my credit reports today and saw that a car loan that was discharded noted that it was most recently reported 12/31/2020. It has notes that it with both included in bankrupcy and dicharged in bankruptcy. All my other dicharges were revolving debt and last reported March/April 2020. Are installment accounts different? I feel this shouldn't be updating when it was reported last anymore. 

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Re: Car loan included in BK still reporting

From what I understand, as long as it states it was IIB and/or Discharged thru BK coupled with NO delinquent payment reporting post file date, it's within legal right of the creditor. It's a gray area where most creditors cease reporting for fear of illegally reporting and being sued, etc...


I have a creditor I burned with 3 accounts. They report EVERY since month since my filing about 3 1/2 years ago. They don't report a late payment, etc since my filing, but update the account every month.


Best of luck and this is just my 2 cents based on personal experience.


@RobertEG what's your take on this situation as I'm curious as well.

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Re: Car loan included in BK still reporting

Thanks so much for the info!!

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