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Car repo after Bankruptcy

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Car repo after Bankruptcy

I filed bankruptcy early last year and was discharged in June. I had a car loan that I did include in my bankruptcy but did not reaffirm the loan. Made some payments but was unable to continue. I was told that since I did not reaffirm the loan and the loan was included in the bk a repossession will not show up on my credit report. They stopped reporting my payments to the credit bureaus and did not call or send letters etc. My bk lawyer said I could call and have them come get the car or let them come get it because either way will not affect me. Yesterday they came to my job looking for the car but the car was actually home since I got a ride to work. The repo guy said there was a judgement issued for the car which I was not aware of at all but did tell him that he was more than welcome to pick up the car after I got home (was in the garage). I cleaned the car and parked outside today, but no one came. I am fine with losing the car, knew that I was not going to keep it but the judgement is surprising and worrisome. Can this judgement affect me even if the loan was discharged?

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Re: Car repo after Bankruptcy

They can't get a judgment on discharged debt. If in fact they did, then bring this to the attention of your attorney right away so he can get the judgment vacated for you. What slimeballs would put a judgment on you for discharged debt? I would rake them across the coals by taking them to court for a violation of the discharge injunction.

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