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CareCredit approval after IIB!


CareCredit approval after IIB!

Just for the record if others are in a similar boat:


My BK7 was discharged just under 6 months ago, including 4 Synchrony accounts (Amazon, PayPal, Walmart, CareCredit) with balances under $1k on each.

My median FICO score is 608, up from the high 400s when I filed.

Last week I was approved for CareCredit again with a $500 limit, but denied for Amazon. I did a search on this forum and it seems like other people have had the reverse experience (denied for CareCredit, approved for Amazon) so I suppose YMMV.

I don't need the CareCredit at the momet, but I'm excited to slowly get back in Synchrony's good graces!

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Re: CareCredit approval after IIB!

That's awesome. I had a Carecredit card and burned them in the process of my BK. My limit was only $1000 and balance was below $300. I'm wondering if they would be so forgiving. I loved this card as it helped with dental cost and other doctor cost that weren't planned. 

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Re: CareCredit approval after IIB!

Congrats to you on getting back in! I burned Synch pretty good with several cards, and they let me back in BIG TIME starting 6 mon post BK. They have been very good to me!! Ive also had a history with them for 11 yrs prior to filing, they may helped.

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
BK7 D/C- 08/2013
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