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Ch 13 - DCU Cross Collateralization Question

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Ch 13 - DCU Cross Collateralization Question

Maybe some of ya'll can provide an answer.  I have a car loan and CC with DCU.  I have paid the car loan on time every month.  Both are listed in my Ch 13, but they didn't file a claim for either.  I'm at the end of my Ch 13, awaiting discharge, plan completed.  What's going to happen with the car loan/car?

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Re: Ch 13 - DCU Cross Collateralization Question

No one can answer your question since we do not know what your Chapter 13 Plan/Order Confirming the Plan provided for as it relates to paying the vehicle.   You would need to state how the creditor was treated for its secured claim.


Edt to clarify - I understand that you were paying the vehicle outside the Plan (not through the Trustee) but what did the Plan say you were going to do?  Hopefully it stated that the creditor shall receive payments only on the vehicle loan and that any other obligation shall be discharged upon completion of the Plan - or something like that.



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