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Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

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Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

So i pretty much just took my bankruptcy filing in another direction .. (hear me out first) ... i'm going to file this on my own. I feel like i have done enough research and talking with different lawyers to understand what it is that Im supposed to do. I filled out all this paperwork for a lawyer and they said it'll be 2-3 weeks after they type it up ... I DID THIS IN 3 DAYS .. i called the courts to see what forms i needed and the woman was very helpful. I filled out all the standard us bankruptcy forms and have my tax returns and paystubs handy when the trustee asks for them. I feel like i can do this quicker and get it done on my own without the help of an attorney. I'm going to take it down to the courts tomorrow and officially file. i feel like i filled out the information very accurately and triple checked it and my numbers.


wish me luck yall .. im MORE THAN READY to start this new chapter in my life.

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Re: Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

Good luck! 

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Re: Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

Good luck.
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Re: Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

Filing pro se how did this work out for you? How was your 341? Did the trustee find any issues with your paperwork you filed? How many questions did the trustee ask you? Were you able to obtain your discharge? Have you been able to start rebuilding your credit?

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Re: Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

Hopefully the OP will let us know how it worked our for him/her!  

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Re: Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

I just got my discharge yesterday and I filed pro se. I had absolutely no assets just a bunch of consumer debts. I say go for it. It was all a bunch of paperwork for me. Make sure you use as many free resources as you can to help you along the way. Check to see if there are pro bono lawyers that will give you free advice. It’s not easy, but was easy for me. Good Luck!
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341 Meeting: 11/1/2018

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Re: Changed My Mind - Now Filing PRO-SE

@HippieElephant Congratulations on your successful discharge. This is the outcome I'm praying for as well. Other than thrift store clothing and thrift store appliances and a car that I'm considering not reaffirming those are my assets. Oh and a checking account. My 341 is scheduled for this month. Did the trustee treat your different because you filed pro se? How was your 341 meeting? Thanks!
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