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Changes in PACER info and what does it mean?

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Changes in PACER info and what does it mean?

I think it would be best if i started a thread about changes in my PACER info since there seems to have been a few unexplained changes.


In my "Case Summary" on PACER, there is a 3 component section that shows:


Nature of Debt: Consumer

Pending Status:  Awaiting Discharge



Until today, it showed:  Flags:  Debted, MEANS NO


So the term "Debted" has been removed in the "Flags" section.  Any idea why?


I completed my 2nd BK course and sent my certificate of completion to the attny, and they forwarded it to the Trustee.. Then the certificate was added on Pacer in History Documents.  This is when i saw the change in the "Flags" section of my case summary.


I read start to finish my PACER everyday, so i see these little changes when they happen.

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Re: Changes in PACER info and what does it mean?

The change is a good one. It means theres no presumption of abuse, and your case is continuing on as it should.

The "DebtED" was your Debt education, but now its completed, so thats why it changed.

Its all good.

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
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