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Chapter 13 Discharged any day now!!

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Chapter 13 Discharged any day now!!

I have been waiting 3 long years for this moment.  After almost loosing my car in a repo that I managed to recover during this filing, I must say it has been very hard. Last year my family and I relocated to the East Coast from the Midwest where the cost of living almost took us in.  Through much prayer and patience we have managed to make it.  In June of this year I received a letter that my car was paid in full through capital one however due to being on a base plan I had to continue the chapter 13 until the end of the 3 years.  On 12/04 received a notification from the courts of wage cancellation.  You should of seen me doing the "holy dance".  I am so happy this is almost over. I'm just waiting for discharged papers and refund due at this point.  I will never be in that situation again. 


My goal is to buy a home.  The housing here is so expensive that if I'm going to pay this much for rent I need to be home owner.  Is this possible to do this year?  How can I approve my credit score?  Capital one was paid off during the bankruptcy, both the auto and part of the unsecured credit card.  Do you think they will give me another chance? If I got a card I could work on improving my score.  Any suggestions??!

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Re: Chapter 13 Discharged any day now!!

Congrats on making it through your Ch13. It is definitely a tough road. I will let others comment on your house issue, but I think it normally is 2 years after discharge before you will qualify for a new mortgage. Good luck to you!

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Re: Chapter 13 Discharged any day now!!

Thank you!! I wasn't sure if that rule applied to if you had a house in your bankruptcy or not?  










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Re: Chapter 13 Discharged any day now!!

Just curious. Did you end your Ch 13 early? Or was intended to be 3 years? We are are almost 2 years through the program, and while it was the right decision and we have learned a lot about managing our financing, it is a challenging process.  

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Re: Chapter 13 Discharged any day now!!

No I chose the 3year plan even though I knew it would be steep but I couldn't imagine going the full 5.  I also wasn't planning to move either. 

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