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Chapter 13 Post-Discharge Journey

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Re: Chapter 13 Post-Discharge Journey

Couple of updates in the OP and a bit more detail on my recent PenFed new auto loan approval.  I received an invite from CapOne after 6 on-time payments on our current CapOne auto loan, to pre-qual for a second.  I'd given my 2006 truck to my son over the holidays and quickly realized how convenient it was having a truck all those years.  So after truck shopping thru CapOne for a few days, the lowest rate I saw was 6.26%.  I still had a valid HP from PenFed in late January (per their 90-day "rule"), so figured I'd see if they would beat CapOne's best rate, if approved at all.  After LO review, got the denial, but the only reason was "pyramiding debt".  Read up on that here at myFICO and decided to recon... "pyramiding" seemed to only make sense to me if I had applied for another CC, not an auto loan.  After sending my lengthy recon letter (via secure messaging), it went back to LO review.  After 2 days AND AN UNEXPECTED ADDITIONAL HP, I finally got a conditional approval email!!!  They wouldn't disclose my interest rate until I provided collateral info, so I found a great truck at a great price, sent them the info, and finally had to call a couple days later to get the details and finalize the loan process.  They did reference my recent BK13 discharge (July 2018), but, technically, did still beat CapOne's rate - 6.2% for 72 mos, 0% down.  Not great, but again, much better than I expected to do still within 12 mos of BK13 discharge.  Maybe I'll refi with NFCU a year or so from now, since I've heard PenFed does not refi their own auto loans.



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