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Chapter 13 Should Fall Off in February 2014

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Chapter 13 Should Fall Off in February 2014

I have seen several different posts from different people that stated their BK fell off early.  Is that the norm or did they just get lucky???  I 'think' I would love for mine to fall off early.  I know that sounds strange, but I have a feeling I may be rebucketed when it does fall off.  I have no unpaid collections or write offs, no lates, so I kind of wonder if the rebucketing will occur when the BK falls off.  If anyone has any input, I would love to hear from you. Thanks

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Re: Chapter 13 Should Fall Off in February 2014

I just had a bk13 fall off early I just posted. It was not due to fall until at least Oct.


Yes, you will be rebucketted when all your negatives fall off. This part I am not looking forward to since I have an old credit card that will fall thus lowering my AAoA by an extreme amount I think.


Forgot to mention, its still on only one of my reports, Equifax. TU it is gone, but I think the credit repair company had something to do with its removal. Experian is the one it most recently fell off of on its own.


Edit:added more details

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Re: Chapter 13 Should Fall Off in February 2014

Good thing with being rebucketted is that now you can obtain higher scores.  You take a hit initially but can recover much quicker.

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